Many Labels. Many Applications. One Solution.

Designed with the user in mind, the APEX 1290 gives you the power to do more in less time; its controls are intuitive and easy to run for all users. With low acquisition cost and a low total cost of ownership, the APEX 1290 is a unique digital printing press solution ideal for short-mid run production.

Imagine having the ability to ship your customer's print job the same day. The APEX 1290 makes this possible through innovative features such as quick changeover technology coupled with management workflow software, which allows operations to stage a job in minutes.

VIDEO: Mark Hopkins, President of iSys Label, explains how signature printing can be used to bridge the gap between the flexographic and digital label printing industry to provide greater efficiency and cost effective solutions for brand owners and print centers.

The Basics: What You Need To Know

  • Production level label printing solution

  • Short to mid run label production

  • Produces professional-grade short run labels on demand

  • Print rolls ranging from 3” to 12.9” (76.2-327.7 mm) wide

  • Print speed ranges from 4.33m/min to 9.13 m/min depending on substrate

  • Print die-cut, kiss-cut or continuous rolls

  • 1200 x 600 DPI

  • CMYK Dry Toner

  • Signature printing

  • Digital label printing

  • Software includes job costing, color management tools

  • Capable of producing approximately 82% of the Pantone® color gamut

  • Optional variable data software

  • Highly configurable and can be paired up offline with finishing, lamination, UV coating, etc.

  • Utmost versatility in label substrates ranging from basic high gloss labels to polyesters, textured stock and tag stocks

Features & Benefits

  • Print on demand in the exact quantities you need

  • Single-pass technology allows for you to print high resolution graphics and variable data all in one run

  • Converters will be able to accept smaller jobs, offset the amount of short run jobs that go on larger presses and benefit by offering a fast and efficient solution for short to mid run label jobs

  • Produce a higher profit margin based on reduced setup costs, quantities needed, and turnaround times

  • Digitally job cost within seconds

  • The optional variable data software allows users to further meet the customer’s needs for mass customization using varying barcodes, QR codes, images, text, symbols, etc.

  • Increase label creativity by using offline options such as UV coating, lamination, foil stamping and slitting options

  • For brand owners, producing labels in-house will reduce the overall cost per label

  • There will be no need to outsource label printing

  • There will be reduced lead times for labels to be printed, reduced inventories and eliminates the need to order pre-printed labels


VIDEO: Label printing just got easier with the APEX 1290. Users are printing full bleed die-cut wine labels with the matrix removed, on a textured stock. When the roll is finished, its ready immediately for the applicator.

APEX2Print Software


iSys Label’s APEX2Print software is a full featured, easy-to-use software package that was developed exclusively for the APEX 1290 short-mid run digital label printer. The drag and drop, snap to grid layout allows for quick imposition of PDF graphics and combined with the quick changeover technology, makes light work out of label production. The built-in Pantone library and advanced color management tools allow for clean and crisp high resolution and eliminates the need to pre-print labels.

  • Digitally job cost within seconds

  • Drag and drop imposition of PDF graphics

  • User defined layouts and media management

  • Conventional, die-cut or kiss-cut media layout

  • RIP rotation, scaling, mirror imaging and nesting capabilities

  • Toner coverage and cost calculator, per label and per job

  • Multi-up costing for different graphics on the same layout

  • Edge to edge printing capabilities on die cut rolls

  • Full color management Harlequin RIP

  • Nesting feature takes a number of small jobs and allows the user to print them as one large job run

  • Ability to save label templates in the software for later use

  • Print labels up to 52 inches long in regular mode printing, and unlimited lengths using the banner mode feature


iSys Variable Data (iVDP)


Compatible with the APEX2Print label software programs, iSys Variable Data (iVDP) will allow users to expand their print capabilities and further meet the customer’s needs for mass customization in their design and message. The variable data software gives the user the ability to combine static and dynamic content to create varying multi-graphic labels containing variable text, images and barcodes. This enables the user to quickly create highly-targeted, professional designs, creating the ultimate workflow solution.

  • Allows for mass customization of labels including SKU’s, barcodes, dates, lot numbers, etc.

  • Numerous graphic formats

  • Easy to use WYSIWYG design interface

  • Over 400 preformatted barcodes

  • Advanced serialization

  • Horizontal and vertical sequential layout

  • CSV file data importing


Label Markets

The line between labels, packaging and product are blurring and when your product is competing with hundreds of others for a customer's attention, everything is hinging on the overall visual appeal in order to stand out from the rest. The versatility of substrates capable of running on the APEX 1290 allows for a more diverse product offering and further differentiation from competitors products. Using the APEX 1290 digital label printer, you will help your package and brand stand apart from the others and receive the competitive edge it deserves. 

Household Item Labels

  • Candles

  • Bath and body products

  • Electronics and lighting

  • Cleaning products

  • Cosmetics and perfumes

Industrial Labels

  • Barcode and carton labels

  • Automotive parts

  • Manufacturing

  • Shipping and receiving

  • Chemicals and drums

Packaged Food Labels

  • Frozen foods

  • Canned food items

  • Soups and sauces

  • Jarred vegetables and jams

  • Fresh food labels

  • Confectionary items

  • Oil and vinegars

Promotions & Event Labels

  • Sale labels

  • Hang tags

  • Event labels

Beverage Labels

  • Beer

  • Wine

  • Water bottles

  • Coffee & teas

Other Applications

  • Nutritional value labels

  • Vitamins and supplements

  • Medical labels

  • Pharmaceuticals


Substrate Versatility

VIDEO: iSys Label's "APEX 1290" printing on various medias including: Gloss, Semigloss and Matte Paper, Foils, Fabrics, Textured Paper, Tag Stock, Vinyl, Teslin and various PET's

Whether it’s a sticker for an event, a label for a pharmaceutical, or a beautiful textured substrate for a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon - we have you covered.

The APEX 1290 has the highest level of substrate flexibility in the short run digital marketspace. Our Recommended Media Library includes a large variety of unique substrates that have been rigorously tested to ensure reliability and consistency, optimal print quality and provide the ease of use that will perform to the customers' highest expectations. By using the Recommended Media Library there will be no need to worry about printer settings, such as changes in the fuser temperature, speed or thickness of the substrate. That is all managed in the APEX2Print software.

iSys Label has partnerships with the world’s leading media suppliers, and are able to provide the vastest array of substrates to end users, wherever you may be located. The Recommended Media Library is constantly growing as new label stocks are tested and added to the list of approved substrates. For more information on the Recommended Media Library, click here. 

Color Management


In today’s digital world, color matching is becoming more important with customers as they’re trying to achieve consistency and conformity across their branded materials using various print methods. Using the APEX 1290 ensures you print brilliant, rich and glossy color - from the first label to the last.

The APEX 1290 is a digital label printing solution that provides 1200 x 600 DPI for creating high resolution graphics, photos and labels. Labels printed on the APEX 1290 are highly durable, lightfast, water resistant and scratch proof.

For companies that require precise colors to be used with their branding, the Harlequin® RIP allows for complete color management and is capable of producing approximately 82% of the Pantone® color gamut.