Substrate Versatility for Wine Labels

Admit it, we’ve all chose a bottle of wine based on a beautiful label. The line between labels, packaging and product are blurring and when your product is competing with hundreds of others for a customer's attention, everything is hinging on the overall visual appeal in order to stand out from the rest.

When shelf appeal matters, you want to ensure you put your best face forward. The substrate being used in combination with the graphic being printed, make for the visual face of that brand - giving the potential customer a sense of what is in that bottle.

iSys Label provides a variety of certified substrates for the wine label industry. Whether you’re using Estate #8, Classic Linen or Cherry Wood - we have a wine label solution for you.

The versatility of substrates capable of running on the APEX 1290 and EDGE 850 allows for a more diverse product offering and further differentiation from competitors products. By using Certified Media and one of these digital label printers, you will help your package and brand stand apart from the others and receive the competitive edge it deserves.