Exclusive Sales & Support for iSys Label in Partnership with Musashi Co. Japan

Calgary, CA: iSys Label is undeniably excited to announce that they have partnered with Musashi Co., Ltd. from Japan as providers for sales and service of the Edge850 digital label press. iSys Label's president, Mark Hopkins, said "Having such a strong presence in Japan through Musashi gives us both exciting new opportunities in the label business and opens the door for new products and new markets."

According to our new partners, Musashi picked iSys Label because they want to expand their business to the Label Market and beyond. They specifically think that the Edge 850 is a good fit because it has a low capital cost, ease of service, and amazing color quality. 

This partnership has brought many opportunities for both iSys Label and Musashi Co. and both parties are thrilled to not only take advantage of this challenge, but also keep expanding their horizons beyond anyone's expectations for many years to come.