We purchased an iSys EDGE 850 for short run printed labels in 2014. The results have been fantastic. Not only do we save on plate costs, but most importantly we are able to service our customers with fast and high quality service, which Flexo Print is known for in our market.

Flexo Print has over 9 years experience in the Panamanian and Central American market. Our objective is to design, print and sell high quality labels with the best service. Companies such as food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, plastics, textiles, household cleaning and personal cleaning producers have trusted in Flexo Print with their varied requirements, from lacquered papers, self adhesives, vinyl, board and coated stock. Our customers trust Flexo Print to provide custom solutions with the highest standards in quality, customer care and service.
— Ram Azoulay, Customer of ProFlexo

In my experience the EDGE 850 printer turned out to be a perfect solution to the problem we had with the outsourcing of labels in my company. In time and money, it has fully met our expectations.

Previously our solvent production had a huge problem when ordering the labels these products needed. Availability, delivery time, etc, were the main bottleneck of our packaging process. Our production works dynamically by 30%, and, eventhough we could foresee this, our projections were never accurate. Also, we had to label twice our products, once with a label with our brand and the second time with a label with details of the product (e.g.: packing date, batch number, etc). Currently we can print the exact amount of labels we will need and including all the information in just one label.

Doing a lot of research in the printers market, we saw EDGE 850 in some of the biggest exhibitions around the world. Then, meeting Impresoras Digitales’ colleague in Argentina and being able to see the printer running gave me and my team the conviction we needed to buy it.

Another advantage that this purchase has is the support they provide. They are available 24/7 if we have doubts even if they are not regarding the printer but are about our equipment connected to the printer. Having people with experience in this area available at all times makes a huge difference when you buy such an equipment.

To sum up, we bought this printer over 3 months now, we have over 100,000 impressions, so I can confirm it is an extraordinary machine.
— Lic Juan Sebastián Castro, Customer of Impresoras Digitales

We are extremely satisfied with our iSys EDGE 850 label printer. Our business requires many different short run labels. We went searching for a digital label printer and after looking at all the different models, we chose the EDGE 850 because of its versatility and speed. Before the EDGE 850, we had to order large rolls of labels from an outside label shop. At one point, we had built up an inventory of partial rolls of preprinted labels that was valued at $30,000. Now, with the iSys EDGE 850, we have reduced our inventory cost to that of just a few rolls of unprinted labels. The reduction in carrying cost, the reduction of lead time, and the added flexibility and creativity for in-house label design has given Ink Mill an Edge in our market!
— Steve Mills, CEO of Ink Mill Corporation

The iSys EDGE 850 system has helped us in important ways. Since we no longer need to create plates or dies for short run orders, we are more competitive. We are also able to give our customers the quick delivery they sometimes need. Not only are labels printed on our iSys EDGE 850 system a profit center, but offering these labels and services to our customers has given us the by-product of an increased number of jobs going to our conventional presses.
— Gary Crockett, President of Flexo One

We purchased the Apex 1290 back in April 2014 and couldn’t be happier. We are a manufacturer in the cosmetic and beauty industry, and between our customers and extensive line of products, we go through a variety of different labels, materials, and sizes.

In the past, our label requirements would be taken care of from 3rd-Party label printers. Additionally, we would always try to order in high quantities due to cost savings which would lead to an abundant inventory of leftover labels.

With the Apex 1290, we eliminate a lot of the common disadvantages to outsourcing labels.
1) Lead-Time: We don’t have the downtime of going back and forth with the printer, between design proofs, production, shipping, etc. Everything can be done in-house!
2) On-Demand: Being able to print all of our labels in-house gives us the ability to print on demand. Instead of keeping inventory of thousands of labels, we can print what we need.
3) Quantities: We started a custom label program for our customers, which gives us the ability to run low quantities. Outsourcing a label job with a couple hundred pieces would raise prices dramatically. We can do so now with no problems.
4) Speed: Prior to the Apex 1290, we purchased an entry-level label printer. The biggest downside to it was label speed. With ~30ft/minute on the Apex, we’re able to print higher quantities with lower lead-times.

While there is a substantial upfront cost, the machine definitely pays for itself. Not only that, but their support and training is second to none. The technician, Mario Calatayud, is extremely knowledgeable and informative. The learning curve is fairly technical, but it’s nothing that any competent person couldn’t learn. You’ll more than likely have to troubleshoot some errors, but with iSys’s technical support team, there always able to come back with solutions.
— Brian Doan, Vice President of Operations, Cali Chem Inc.

We have been a UniNet business partner for over a decade. When they presented their iColor 700 Digital Label Press to us we were very impressed and the timing couldn’t have been better! Stocking labels for toner cartridges and their boxes was a challenge for us. We had to pre-order and stock large quantities of labels and deal with long lead times. We were often faced with the task of using up (or worse, discarding) outdated labels to implement labels with new designs or updated content. For small label runs, we sometimes used standard cut sheet printers, but the quality wasn’t as we would have liked and certainly didn’t match our brand’s premiere quality. UniNet’s timing was great because we now have even greater need of custom printed labels “just-in-time” with varying artwork and needed to find a better way. The iColor 700 helped us increase our productivity, eliminate waste and save money at the same time!

Flo-Tech uses two main sizes of labels and ordering pre die cut labels was the decision we felt was best. For our cartridge labels, we chose a silver foil media that allow us to print, peel and stick as needed. For our box labels, we used inexpensive matte media with the matrix removed. The iColor 700 toner is glossy so we felt that lamination was not necessary. The iColor 700 has front gap sensors and back timing sensors, so this made the registration of the printing spot on, even for very small labels. The nesting option is a great feature as well; it allows us to cue up several different labels of the same size within the same run. The roll to roll system has allowed up to set it up and walk away because the machine can run unattended. This feature allows us to multitask and increase our productivity.

We really love this machine as it provides us the flexibility we’ve been searching for. We can add new product and client designs on demand and always have a quality labeled product available same day. UniNet offered onsite setup and training that allowed us to hit the ground running. Their experts know their technology inside and out which made this a wonderful implementation and ongoing solution to our labeling needs.
— Pete Massaro, Customer of UniNet