iSys Label Printers Deliver Full Color, Production Worthy Labels Print After Print

Print high-resolution label graphics, photos, barcodes and tags on a variety of die-cut, kiss-cut or roll substrates using the APEX 1290 & EDGE 850 digital label printers. Now you can say goodbye to ordering huge quantities of pre-printed labels and long lead times. The quick imposition iSys2Print software allows users to stage a job in just minutes and print the exact quantity of labels needed on-demand, resulting in a finished roll ready for immediate application. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The Latest News from iSys Label...

Mark Hopkins, president of iSys Label, presents the latest developments in short run digital label printing. iSys Label has released their newest software plug-in that provides users with the ability to print using white toner and the ability to print and cut individual labels for the chemical label market.

Mark Hopkins, President of iSys Label, speaks with Jill Taylor from Global Graphics, about what it takes to create the perfect label.

APEX 1290

EDGE 850


Designed with the user in mind, the APEX 1290 gives you the power to do more in less time. With a low total cost of ownership, the APEX 1290 is a unique digital press solution ideal for short-mid run production.

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The biggest change in desktop label printing is here. Print variable data on die cut or roll substrates at vast speeds up to 9.14 meters/minute (30 feet/minute/6ips) on an array of media. 

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Die-cut labels printed on the EDGE 850 roll to roll, color printer deliver outstanding stability and resistance to water, chemicals, fading and smudges when exposed to the harshest of elements.

About the EDGE 850 for BS5609 >>>

It's Never Been Easier to Go Digital!

In the past ten years, digital label printing has carved out its niche in the print industry and defined its place for those who are weighing the transition to digital label printing. During this time frame two users of digital label print technology have emerged, each with their own distinct needs who benefit from the addition of digital technology; the Printer and the Brand Owner. With a low acquisition cost, entry into the digital label printing and packaging market has never been easier with iSys Label digital printers.



The Printer: Customer’s demands are turning to shorter runs, faster turnaround times and greater variability in their labels, branding and packaging. By adding an iSys Label digital printer to the product fold, converters/printers can accept smaller jobs and offset the amount of jobs currently being run on larger presses. The EDGE 850 and APEX 1290 platforms were designed to be highly configurable and allows users to pair it up with offline finishing systems or be used as a standalone roll to roll printer - making it a complete digital label printing solution.


The Brand Owner: This demographic consists of companies who are looking to bring label production in-house to reduce the overall costs and wait times caused when outsourcing labels for their products. In most cases, users have multiple SKU’s that require a variety of variable data printed. These users benefit by being able to print their labels on demand, in quantities that are more acceptable for their production needs. There is no need to order 20,000 labels when there is only an immediate need for 1000. In most cases, there is no need for finishing because labels printed on the EDGE 850 and APEX 1290 are durable, lightfast, water resistant and scratch proof - so users can literally “print, peel and apply.”